LeisureWorld Bishopstown, Cork is one of the best Fitness Centres in Cork is a public facility, catering for all levels of ability. In order to ensure accessibility to all of Cork’s public, we offer the following facilities:

  • Dedicated Disabled Parking spaces are available in front of the building for your convenience
  • Entrance and Exit Ramps
  • Accessible Turnstile at Reception
  • Braille door signs on all access doors
  • First Aid Room and qualified first aiders are always on site
  • Pool Hoist
  • Dedicated Accessible Toilet facilities
  • Emergency alarms provided in toilets
  • Counter loop system
  • Lift available
  • Hi-visibility markings on gym equipment
  • Information Leaflets and Comment Cards in Braille

LeisureWorld Bishopstown in Cork has a dedicated disability and accessibility officer Joanne Lenihan who researches best practice and excercise options for all.

Disability accessibility program in LeisureWorld Bishopstown

The over all aim of the LeisureWorld disability program is to increase the physically activity level of people who have disabilities and to enhance there over all health and well being.

LeisureWorld's Long terms goals for the program.

  • To increase participation in physical activity whether it is for recreation or leisure
  • To provide people the opportunity to socialise
  • To provide people with information on whether it be for health or well being
  • To help break down the barriers that prevents people with disabilities from participating in physical activity.


LeisureWorld Bishopstown can help provide physical activity opportunities for people with disability. We can cater for groups or individual. We can offer access to our gym that is located on the ground floor where at all times a fully qualified fitness instructor is always available to help.

There is a spacious aerobics studio if required for large groups and there is elevator access.

In our state of the art gym in Cork we have a specialised gym available called the Functional Zone , this is an area with adapted equipment to suit and allow individuals with a Neurological condition to train optimally or engage in a sustainable exercise programme, click here for more information.

Swimming lesson/pool.

Entry to the 25 m can be accessed by the ladder or hoist.

Entry to the 18 meter can access by the steps or hoist.

LeisureWorld Bishopstown has a disabled shower and changing facility available for use.

We can offer swimming lessons weather it be for individual who can swim all ready or who can not.

For people who feel that mainstream method swimming would not work for person with disability.


LeisureWorld Bishsoptown in Cork is delighted to provide an alternative - The Halliwick Programme - which involves developing person physical mental and social abilities. Swimmer is paired with an instructor this allow s the swimmer to have continues support and attention. This allows then to develop there own confidence and there own balance in the water. (Cited from The Halliwick Swimming Asscociation of Ireland are in the process of setting up their own website, if you would like information on Irelands Halliwick Association then contact LeisureWorld Bishopstown, or call into one of our facilities in Cork.

The swimming lessons will be taught by fully qualified ASA swim teacher and Halliwick instructor. Joanne has received her foundation certificate, advanced Halliwick certificate and her Halliwick instructors certificate.


  • 1 to 1 (with carer present) €25 30 mins
  • 2 to 1 (with carer present) €40 45 mins
  • 3 to 1 (with carers present) € 50 45 mins
  • 4 to 1 (with carers present) €60 45 mins

If 10 lessons are purchased together - you get the 10th lessons FREE

If you have any enquires please contact our Disability officer Joanne Lenihan on 021 4346505 or

Leisureworld Bishoptown have recently purchases new gym equipment .That is suitable for people with disabiliites to use. That anyone wishing to come and view the equipment can contact Leisureworld 012-4346505/

Our Disability Officer is Joanne Lenihan and she would be happy to assist with any queries or concerns.

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