Aqua Aerobics Cork

Water workouts can help you reach your fitness goals without pain or injury. They can add cross-training variety to your existing exercise routine or offer a safe and fun way to start an exercise program.

So jump on in — the water’s fine.

Get ready to sweat! This is our high intensity, low impact water fitness class. Burn fat, tone muscles, and get in shape! We use many different types of exercise equipment such as: weights and resistance equipment in order to give you the workout you desire. This is a 60 minute class.


Aqua-fitness can help you get fit and can keep you fit and healthy. Water can be used for support, when a body is partly submerged, the force of gravity is countered by the buoyancy effect of water. The nett result is a less jarring effect on the joints, less wear and tear. Increased resistance to body movement many times greater than the same movement out of water.

Aqua-fitness improves flexibility, mobility, agility, strength and balance. No need for concern about body image. Once immersed in water, hidden from view are the alleged "thunder thighs", "bulging buttocks", "blossoming bellies" and "the spare tyres". We all look the same. After an aqua workout you will feel invigorated, refreshed and alive. It is unusual to suffer from delayed muscle soreness.

Many participants have also mentioned great weight loss and more muscle tone. All the above improves your self-esteem and quality of life.

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