Cardiac Rehabilitation Cork

LeisureWorld Health Centre Cork is proud to announce that we are now working in partnership with the HSE in providing rehabilitation Cork support and advice for people in the community that have suffered from a cardiac (Heart) problem.

Gay Castle (HSE) commented that ‘the addition of a qualified Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Instructor will be a great opportunity for anyone recovering from a cardiac event to continue their recovery in a supervised and safe class designed especially for them’.

Shane Simcox, one of our friendly instructors here at LeisureWorld Bishopstown is now an accredited Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist. Shane will be starting group training for patients that have completed Phase III cardiac Rehab in the hospital setting and progressing to stage IV in LeisureWorld.

" A recent review that has examined the effectiveness of exercise based Cardiac Rehabilitation in patients with Coronary Heart Disease, has confirmed that patients may reduce their mortality by 31% (Taylor al.,2004). In addition to improved survival, other well documented benefits include:" BACR

* Reduced Hospital Admission

* Reduced Angina

* Improved Lipid Profiles (cholesterol)

* Improved Blood Pressure

* Improved Functional Capacity (function of the heart)

* Improved Lifestyle Modifications

* Reduced Anxiety & Depression

* Increased Confidence & Well-Being

* Improved Return to Work & Leisure Activities

* Improved Health Education of Families & Friends

If you or someone you know has recently suffered a cardiac event and would like more information on the special Cardiac Rehab exercise programs, please contact Shane at LeisureWorld Bishopstown on 021 4346505 or drop into our gym in Bishopstown Cork.

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