Corporate Responsibilities

Our policy is to offer competitive terms and conditions of employment. We also have specific policies covering equality and diversity, health and safety, and speaking up.

The following staff policies and practices are operated across LeisureWorld gyms in Cork:

Health & Safety

LeisureWorld aims to ensure that all activities within the company promote the safety, health and welfare of all staff members. This is achieved through a proactive approach to ensuring that all existing safety, health and welfare requirements are met and that emerging issues are addressed having regard to industry best practise.

Our health and safety objective is to endeavour to provide, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and to meet our duties to visitors, contractors and other persons who may come in contact with the work activities of the company. Examples of some of the best practice measures in place to achieve these objectives and promote awareness of health and safety issues include:

  • Distributing employee handbooks to all staff.
  • Regular Health and Safety training is provided in all areas of the Group.
  • Emergency planning procedures are in place and are regularly tested for their adequacy.

LeisureWorld promotes healthy living through a wide range of leisure activities and educational programmes. Healthy lifestyle campaigns e.g. help to stop smoking, dietary awareness/ weight loss and healthy living are organised and promoted on a regular basis. Staff can avail of a fully equipped gym and a swimming pool.

As part of the induction programme all new employees receive a presentation and an Employee Handbook

Equality & Diversity

LeisureWorld is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for in recruitment and in employment. We believe that the recognition of individual ability, the absence of discrimination, and the promotion of positive attitudes towards diversity will result in the best use of our employees’ talents and skills.

An Equal Opportunities policy is in place to comply with the Employment Equality Act (1998) which states that all staff members should work in an environment free from all kinds of inequality. Discrimination on nine grounds is outlawed: gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, disability, race and membership of the traveller community.

LeisureWorld strives to maintain the principle of equality with regard to access to employment, conditions of employment, training and promotion as well as equal pay for equal work as provided for in the 1998 Act. A dignity and respect in the workplace policy document is in place and we ensure all allegations of inequality are treated seriously at all stages and with due regard to the dignity, respect and confidence of all concerned, rules of natural justice and group grievance and disciplinary policies.

The recruitment and selection policy makes particular reference to the requirement to comply with the company’s policy on equality.

Recruitment & Retention

LeisureWorld aims to attract, retain and motivate the right people with the right skills in the right roles. When recruiting we seek to attract and select the best person for the role. Positions are advertised internally and externally and candidates are selected based on job-related criteria and their ability to deliver the accountabilities of the position.

We ensure that the provisions of our equal opportunities and diversity policy are met in all our assessment and selection processes.

The retention of employees is aided by our competitive and fair reward policies.

Career Progression

As a large group we can offer a wide range of promotion opportunities. These are filled on the basis of ability and performance, with open competition for promotional positions as they arise.

Training & Development

Training and development opportunities are available to all our employees. We believe that it is essential for our business, and the development of our employees, that effective training and development activities are in place. Personal development forms an integral part of the performance management process for employees across the group.


LeisureWorld practices a policy of equal opportunities for all staff regardless of ethnic origin, marital status, family status, gender, sexual orientation, religious belief, age, membership of the travelling community or disability. The purpose of this code of practice is to provide a clear statement of this policy in relation to people with disabilities.

LeisureWorld proposes to base its approach to the achievement of equality of opportunity in the workplace for persons with disability on the following guiding principles:

Creation of a work culture which focuses on the relevant abilities of staff and not disabilities

LeisureWorld will ensure that recruitment, selection and promotion criteria are framed to encourage the greater inclusion of people with disabilities

LeisureWorld will ensure that training and development opportunities are designed and delivered with a focus on including people with disabilities

Practical facilitation of people with disability to avail of employment and career opportunities insofar as it is reasonable

Every effort will be made to retain staff who acquire a disability during their working life with LeisureWorld

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