Environmental Awareness

LeisureWorld Health Centre Cork is aware of the constant changing environment and needing to save Earth from pollution and global warming.

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Energy saving tips for your home


Whether you own or rent, are young or old, everyone in your household can get involved in saving energy.

Why should I?

Energy efficiency is not just about saving money on your energy costs, although that does help! Responsible use of energy and the creation of an energy efficient lifestyle help to:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Conserve our precious, natural energy resources
  • Create an efficient, less wasteful home
  • Create a better world for future generations
  • Reduce your energy bills

+Statistics quoted in this guide are sourced from the Sustainable Energy Ireland Website www.sei.ie as of 22nd January 2010

But we can start doing that by being aware about our environment and you can start with this quiz.

The thick haze that covers the Arctic every November to April is composed of:

industrial pollutants that "migrate" from Russia

dust from the Canadian tundra

ash fall from erupted volcanoes

parts of ozone layer fallout

"Sea Cow" is the nickname of what animal?

sea horse





What produces more carbon dioxide than any other source?

Burning of the rainforest

Industrial exhaust

Dry ice factories

Smoke belching cars


One-third of the world's forests are in the:


African forests

Australian outback

Asian forests


What produces more oxygen than any other source?

↓ ↓

Oxygen tanks

Water evaporation

Rainforest vegetation

Microscopic ocean plants


How do plants get their food?

↓ ↓

They absorb dead insects through their bark

They make their own food from air, sun and water

They take it from the soil through their roots

They feed themselves with rotten plants


What would be the best way to dispose of grass clippings and raked leaves from your yard?

↓ ↓

Throw them away

Burn them

Create a compost heap

Throw them in a river


How much hazardous waste is produced by a person each year in the U.S.?

One ton

One kilogram

One pound

One ounce


This is the oldest living thing, nearly 5000 years old.

a bristlecone pine tree

a tortoise

an alligator

a whale


an African elephant

a T-Rex dinosaur

a Blue whale

a Sequoia tree





The average American family generates enough garbage in a year to fill up:

↓ ↓

their whole house

a basketball court

a pavilion

an astrodome

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