How up to a 30min run

Wednesday 01 February 2017

Are you interested in starting running to improve your fitness but don’t know how to approach your training when in the gym or on the road?

We have a simple plan to take you from 0 minutes to 30 minutes of running in just 5 weeks.

Running is a very low cost and accessible form of exercise. Throw on a pair of shoes, open your door and off you go. Alternatively, if you can’t face into our wonderful (wet) spring weather then hop on the treadmill and brave the conditions another time.

This programme is geared towards complete beginners or those that have not taken part in exercise for sometime.

For the first 4 weeks each session will consist of a 30minute routine broken into 6 x 5 minute sets.

In the 5th week you will have 3 different sessions to finally bring you up to your 30min run.

Remember to always have a small warm up before each sessions to get the blood flowing and reduce risk of injury

Aim to have at least 1 full day rest in between each walk/jog session.                          


Best of luck and happy running! :)


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