Project Weightloss

New Course starting soon in Bishopstown, Cork! 021-4346505

Are you Overweight??

Aged 18-60 years?  Ready to change your life and get active?  Need advice and Motivation?

The goal is that by the end of the 12 weeks, everyone will be fitter, healthier and have reduced their BMI, they will know what type of exercise they enjoy & what works for them, and they will be able to continue the exercise as part of their daily routine.

There are no strict diets, just healthy eating advice, there are no gimmicky fast fix crazy exercise workouts everyday for fast but unsustainable results.

Project WeightLoss is about a lifelong change to be more active.

Its going to be a great challenge for everyone on the Project – Do not underestimate what you are capable of!

It’s onwards and upwards from here, and every week we will be updating you on the progress of the groups and the challenges they face individually, in the hope it may help others of you in a similar position.

Week 1 challenge for everyone will be ‘Planning’. Plan time every day for activity and prioritise it, don’t let other things get in the way. Plan every day and weekly for food, so you have healthy & nutritious options available when you need it.

Try this yourself this week, without planning – you will fail!

Always remember to get medical advice and clearance before taking part in an exercise program, and start at a level appropriate for you, make contact with an exercise professional to ensure you exercise correctly and effectively.

Make the move, make the change!  Please contact Reception on 021 4346505 or call into our gym in Cork for details and dates of the next course.

Anyone interested should complete an application form that can be collected from reception at LeisureWorld Bishopstown & Churchfield Gyms in Cork or click here to download.

You can also download the application from the following websites: /


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