Yoga Classes Cork

Benefits of Yoga

Stress relief

There are many ways to relieve stress and Yoga is one of those. Yoga employs a number of relaxation techniques that with practice can make you less stressed and calmer over all. Yoga trains your mind as well as your body.

Pain relief & Injury Prevention

Yoga has been proven to help with and relieve chronic back pain by improving overall flexibility. Strong, flexible muscles will help you avoid pain and injury in daily life or other fitness and sport activities you may be involved in.

Better Breathing

By attending Yoga regularly you will learn to control your breathing and maximise the potential of your respiratory organs which will in turn have a knock on effect on stress levels, improve sleep and benefit you in other physical activities.


Many Yoga postures include one of more spinal twists that are key to help loosen up the many joints that make up your spine. As well as the many other poses that will help relax and lengthen the various muscles of your body.

Increased Strength

A typical Yoga class at our facility in Cork will contain various poses that you will hold for a short period of time. These “holds” will be achieved by contracting a lot of muscles especially the bigger muscles that support your joints.

Weight loss

A Yoga class in an excellent choice for your overall health. Combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet it can certainly help you shed some unwanted weight. Studies have shown that Yoga can burn about 300 calories per hour class.


Our lives are hectic. We are constantly bombarded with information all day long, through our phones, tv, radio and computers. We are always going from one place to the next and our minds are always racing ahead of us. Taking the time to be present in what you are doing at exactly that moment in time is a skill. The focus and breathing required for a Yoga class will help you be present and mindful of yourself in that moment of time.

Improved Circulation

The various poses involved in a typical Yoga class will open up the body and the muscles greatly aiding blood flow and circulation around the body.

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